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My goal is to get from word to image and keep the original vision of the project. From a single person shoot to full crew I'd be excited help you produce an awesome film!


I take portraits, group photos, promo, and all takes are professionally edited/retouched. For studio time - extra costs are added to the production budget.


Already filmed? No problem, I can work with most codecs and resolutions. Send me the footage and I'll edit and give it the final touch it needs to become the film you want.


The web is the new DVD. When producing video/photo content it's important to know how to best get it to those platforms. From Landing Pages to full blown websites I can help you.


Working with Fonzworth Bently [Derrick Watkins]

I was shooting a commercial with Derrick Watkins [Fonzworth Bentley] when I realised that I am truly lucky to have a job that gives me the opportunity to meet so many different types of respected people. PDiddy's butler and BET TV Host was sitting right in front of my camera.. staring down my lens. It's humbling to have worked with him and I hope one doy in the future I work with him again.

Editing Grammy Nominated "Worth" with FCPX

I was honored to have been given the opportunity to edit an amazing performance by Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy. Close to 5,000,000 views this video wouldnt be the same without Final Cut Pro X. I say this with confidence after chopping together this video in less than 10hrs..

At points I felt as if I were editing the project live with the flexibility to go back and fix cuts. After handing Anthony a finished edit the next day I was happy with the product and the speed I was able to complete it. Thank You Apple for giving me such amazing products.

Bobby Jones Gospel Tribute Dinner

This is one gig to remember. Having able to film for Gospel Legend Bobby Jones. From shooting the tribute video shooting the event itself is truly an honor. Meeting Bob Johnson (Creator of BET) was an expierence of its own.

Thank you BET for choosing me to film such an honorable moment.

Stellar Awards Visuals

Anthony had it out for me on this project. About 1 week to pull it together. I shot entirely on greenscreen and GFX'd the entire video. Here was the small thing that wasn't mentioned. Beyonce opened up this event last year, how the hell am I suppose to follow up visuals for that? As you can see from the thumbnail there were alot of people watching. I couldn't mess that up.

Wake Up Kid

This is a special project to me because of the message of the story and the amount of effort everyone put in. I forgot to mention they were all volunteers! Jimmy Jenkins Directed the film while I shot/edit the piece (even got to do some of the score.) This piece had it all for a no budget indie film. Visual effects, dialog, story, acting, score, etc. For what it was - I love this project. I cannot wait to shoot more with Jimmy.

Playing Darth Vader

Regardless being a cartoon - I played Darth Vader... and it was awesome. This role took simple filters to make the unique Vader sound. The first filter I applied was a plastic cup. Yup, the old cup trick worked along with a small pitch shift and a hint of reverb. It's no masterpiece but good enough to be sell Vader to a large audience. This video has hit over 100,000 views and climbing. Great job Chris Durgin for making and awesome cartoon!