Anthony Brown

Wake Up Kid

Hassani Kwess

Met Anthony little over 1 year ago (Jan 2015). He had a vision for a Live Recording Concert. He wanted 4 Short Films for the Show.. In less than 1 month of production. Needless to say we became close soon after. Working on various projects with him Society Visuals wouldn't be as strong without him.

Congratulations on the Grammy Nomination!

Looking back at this project, there are so many aspects that made it special. My most favorite was the painting on the ceiling when Dreams uses his magic to paint the words "Wake Up Kid". The reason why this is so special is the story behind the painting. The crew just finished wrapping up the final day of shooting. We had one final shot and that was the painting on the ceiling. We hit the artist up at 12:00am AND HE SHOWED UP to paint that. We hung out for an hour or so watching him paint and finished up the shoot with the final "Wake Up Kid" shot.

There's history with Kwess. Collaborated on projects since as early as Lombardi (way before Society Visuals). There's much to come from him and to link back up with him is going to be dangerous. Watch out Society Fans.

Rage Cage


Josh Mitchell

Not too many projects where I am in the film. Hmm the Narrator sounds familiar :)

This was a suprising film. I went in expecting a simple freestyle recording. The talent from this guy really made it possible. Expect more from him 2016.

The visuals from this still encourage me to challenge myself in all of my films. More to come..